Headhunting Division

Pierson Venture’s Headhunting Division leverages the power of science and AI to help brokers and team leaders hire the sales talent needed to drive aggressive revenue goals and growth now and into the future. We Provide confidential representation to licensed real estate agents while providing full anonymity for brokers and team leads looking to scale their organization and team.


Science and AI

Our headhunting division utilizes advanced scientific and AI technologies to identify and attract top-performing sales talent, helping brokers and team leaders achieve aggressive revenue goals and drive sustainable growth.

Confidential Representation

We provide licensed real estate agents with confidential representation, ensuring their anonymity while connecting them with top-tier brokers and team leads who are looking to scale their organization and team.

Drive Growth

With our focus on identifying top-performing sales talent, our headhunting division helps brokers and team leaders drive immediate revenue growth while also building a sustainable team that will continue to drive growth well into the future.
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Whiteboarding Strategy Session

The Business Analysis Whiteboarding Sessions is a 30-minute sprint designed to identify key initiatives your business should focus on to achieve your highest goals.

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