Business Design / Problem Solving / Real Time Alighment

Brand Discovery + Digital Communication

evaluating existing customer interactions, brand alignment, culture and capabilities to create a strategy for new experiences and growth


The Brand Discovery Workshop (aka CORE) is a two day, 8 hour strategy session designed for mid size to enterprise companies looking to redefine themselves and prioritize a plan of action to help achieve their goals.


This 8 hour workshop is designed for mid size to enterprise companies looking to increase conversions at the top of their funnel.  Drive more traffic, engagment and converstions with a content strategy workshop.


Lego SeriousPlay is a system and methodology designed for many meaningful outcomes.  Everything from team building exercises, business archicteture design and system integrations.  Lego SeriousPlay allows participents to have an advanced communication method to solve complex problesm.  Each treatment is unique and tailored the group.


Team Building Workshops are designed to empower inspire your team.  Having a third party facilitator allows the team to open up to new ideas and discover opportunities for growth.  All Team Building Workshops are designed to be unique to the orginizations objectives.


My philosophy has always been “Disrupt or be Disrupted”.  This Workshop is designed to find holes in your business model and opportunities to put yourself out of buisness.  With this new found knowledge of your own businesses weaknesses you can now develope a new strategy to be the Disruptor rather then the Disrupted.


The Risk Assesment Workshop is to designed to help you validate an idea or new iniatiative in a short amount of time.  Don’t waist time and money guessing if your idea will be received well by your avatar.  This workshop will save you time and money on validating your idea and brining it to market.

Brands themselves are business assets. They create value and encourage loyalty. While great brands will always be built on values and promises, it’s no longer enough to simply tell people what they are. In todays digital age, brands have to be experienced in order to have real meaning and differentiation. In short, we help companies evolve their brands into experiences that connect them to their customers in meaningful ways…

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Consider us a part of your team…
We feel that your experience with us is just as important as the experience we’re creating for your customers. That’s why we work hard to set up systems to communicate and collaborate with you on a weekly basis. In many cases, you’ll find us working at your office or flying across the world to strategize with you. Our goal is to simply feel like a natural extension of your team.

What Makes Us Different

We ask questions. Lots of them. Then, we listen, learn and discover, until together, we come up with a strategic plan of attack that aligns your brand to your customers. We don’t claim to have all the answers but rather facilitate a discovery process that’s designed to develop solutions that are tailored to your target customer.

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Whiteboarding Strategy Session

The Business Analysis Whiteboarding Sessions is a 30-minute sprint designed to identify key initiatives your business should focus on to achieve your highest goals.

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